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Our distinctive and exclusive processes compare testing results to years of data from comparable patients.

About Health Grades

Health Grades Analytics is a precautionary screening program. The program provides results that show your current health risks, and assists your doctor in developing a care plan to reduce your future risk of experiencing severe health problems.

We help find the underlying cause of your medical symptoms like fatigue, frequent headaches, sleep problems, swelling in your legs, which can affect your day-to-day health and future health risks.

Collaborating with primary medical centers throughout the U.S. to offer an insurance-covered, health-screening program that reveals your likelihood of experiencing medical issues.


Is gradual weight gain or failing eyesight going undetected in your routine health exam? Health Grade Analytics proactively detects lifestyle patterns associated with non-infectious ailments like obesity to help you stay on the right side of health.


Hereditary diseases don’t have to be a death sentence. Timely identification of genetic predispositions goes a long way in developing healthy lifestyle habits. Health Grades Analytics empowers you to do this without comprising your quality of life.

Health Management

Healthcare industry reports suggest that people are generally ill-informed and ill-prepared for geriatric care. But with timely screening and counselling, patients can receive treatment and age-related assistance designed to meet their unique needs.


A patient’s recovery cycle is incomplete if healthcare practitioners do not proactively identify vulnerability points leading to relapse. Whether one is recovering from an orthopedic or muscular injury, or is rehabilitated from trauma or substance abuse, consulting the right analytics is imperative to stay on track of recovery goals.

Health By Numbers

Make health exams more effective with a Health Grades Analytics report. Prioritize your concerns in discussions with your physician, cardiologist or therapist. Ask the right questions and get the treatment you need before it’s too late.

Instant Update

Routine medical reports take time. Your response to your environment also affects a periodic examination. In a preventive wellness program your health profile is available at your fingertips.

Your Questions Answered

We encourage patients to discuss all their health concerns with us. We hope some of them are addressed in the FAQs below.

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Test Results
  • Patients may access their test results online.

Health Grades Analytics recommends (but does not require) participants to fast 4 hours before their appointments. Eating or drinking before the screening can affect some of the lab results; but does not preclude participation. Water, black coffee and tea will have no effect on the test results.

Preventive wellness services include patient screening, checkup and counseling. The purpose is to preemptively address potential health issues before they become problematic.

The Health Grades Analytics team requests new patients to arrive 15 to 30 minutes before their scheduled appointment to allow enough time for the registration process. For regular visits, patients need to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before their appointment.

The patient’s provider will typically review results with the patient approximately six weeks after the patient’s HGA appointment.
In order to release results directly to patients, Health Grades Analytics requires a signed authorization letter from the patient.

Our Vision

Individuals retain very little control over their own health, despite growth surges in the global healthcare industry. At Health Grades Analytics, our aim is to change that.

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Our Mission

Health Grades Analytics wants to leverage the power of data and business intelligence to provide patients with the best quality of treatment suited to their needs.

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