Better Than A Routine Health Exam

We help you analyze and predict your health risk and potential symptoms, along with their cures and productivities.

Healthcare Analytics

Use data to identify your unique health vulnerabilities and build easy habits to root disease out of your lifestyle.

Expert Physicians

We enlist experienced healthcare practitioners (HCPs) with a legacy of conscientious patient care and a focus on preventive health.

Get Your Screening

Address the symptoms before they become a disease. Screening is a way to gain long-term returns on your health.

Don’t Let Your Physician Tell You It’s Too Late!

In an age of disguised symptoms and dormant viruses, knowing when to consult your doctor can be tricky. It is often fatal.

Health Grades Analytics puts those worries to rest. In a single screening, you can identify which ailment poses the most risk for your health.

Building on the power of your health history, and several other data points, Health Grades Analytics ensures that health beliefs related to age, ethnicity and family propensity are addressed on time and with transparency.

  • Timely diagnosis
  • Preventive care
  • Complete health check
  • Exception reporting

Better Than A Routine Health Exam

Routine exams map your health patterns. So it’s possible that something goes amiss between one health check and another. Don’t let that happen to you.

Health Grades Analytics

Health Grades Analytics wants to make healthcare about quality of life and longevity with the help of data analytics. Learn more about what it can do for you.


Is gradual weight gain or failing eyesight going undetected in your routine health exam? Health Grade Analytics proactively detects lifestyle patterns associated with non-infectious ailments like obesity to help you stay on the right side of health.

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Hereditary diseases don’t have to be a death sentence. Timely identification of genetic predispositions goes a long way in developing healthy lifestyle habits. Health Grades Analytics empowers you to do this without comprising your quality of life.

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Health Management

Healthcare reports suggest that people are generally ill-informed and ill-prepared for geriatric care. But with timely screening and counselling, patients can receive treatment and age-related assistance designed to meet their unique needs.

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A patient’s recovery cycle is incomplete if healthcare practitioners do not proactively identify vulnerability points leading to relapse. Consulting the right analytics is imperative to stay on track of recovery goals.

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Health By Numbers

Make health exams more effective with a Health Grades Analytics report. Prioritize your concerns in discussions with your physician, cardiologist or therapist. Ask the right questions and get the treatment you need before it’s too late.

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Instant Update

Routine medical reports take time. Your response to your environment also affects a periodic examination.

In a preventive wellness program your health profile is available at your fingertips.

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Health Grades Analytics

We let the numbers do the talking. In just 90 minutes, our preventive wellness program provides you with your comprehensive medical profile.